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Carla Beck: “Most people are wired towards kindness toward doing the right thing”

By Yeganeh Zargar From election and Covid-19 pandemic to why she got into politics and her neighbourhood’s community garden, I discussed everything with Regina Lakeview’s member of the Legislative Assembly, MLA, Carla Beck.   The re-elected politician is both excited and anxious to be back at her office at the Regina legislature building. After winning with...


Viviana Ruiz: Big plans for La Ronge

By Evelyn Ross Viviana Ruiz, a Chilean-Canadian woman who is running for town council, has big plans to help the Town of La Ronge and the tri-communities move forward and flourish economically.  Ruiz hopes to bring more tourism to La Ronge, with community events and programming, and wants to work on a plan to reduce...


Justice and Child Protection Systems are ‘Disproportionally involved with Indigenous peoples’: Regina-Elphinstone Center MLA

By Emilie Wren The newly-elected MLA for Regina-Elphinstone Center hopes to bring about change for her riding.  Meara Conway, a lawyer and musician born and raised in Regina has been elected as the incumbent for the riding comprised of a portion of downtown, cathedral area, and North-Central Regina. She hopes that in being elected, she...


Biggar incumbent mayor voted out after 16 years of service

By Gillian Massie The Biggar municipal election has voted out the incumbent mayor, who is gracious for his time spent in the office.  Ray Sadler, owner of the pizzeria and vinyl shop “Ray’s Vinyl,” has represented Biggar for 16 years. Many are sad to see Sadler leave but are also excited about the restaurant’s future. ...


Chief Byron Bitternose is hopeful despite unfortunate circumstances

By Brandon Cyr. Byron Bitternose has been the Chief of George Gordon’s First Nation for two years, even though he became the Chief through unfortunate circumstances. In April of 2018, The Chief of Gordon’s reserve passed away from cancer. Chief Bitternose was voted as acting chief, and in September the band had an election where...