Beer, Bacon, Bands: A Winning Combination

Beer, Bacon, Bands combines three very different elements to produce a weekend of revelry. Photo by Jacob Carr

Picture someone at a live music show with a plate of bacon in one hand and a cold beer in the other, and your first thought might be that this is an odd mixture. But for the past five years it has been a winning combination as the event known as Beer, Bacon, Bands.

Rawk Entertainment Group organizes the event, and owner Mike Ash attributes its success to the three main ingredients being appealing in their own unique ways. “It allows chefs to participate and get creative, people love to party to amazing bands, and who doesn’t love beer, wine and spirits? He said the idea for Beer, Bacon, Bands came from “wanting to create a show that brought three amazing things together at a time of year where people can get out and have some fun (indoors) in winter.”

The event is a great chance for several vendors to showcase their product. If it’s a beverage you fancy you can wet your whistle with a Saskatchewan-made beer from Black Bridge Brewery, Great Western Brewery, or Rebellion Brewing Company. If a sizzling bacon creation is more your speed then tickle your tastebuds with samples from The Lazy Owl, The Canadian Brewhouse, or Smokin Okies BBQ. Last but not least, the musical line-up at this years iteration of the event featured a mix of local talent such as Skavenjah, with talent from the west coast such as Five Alarm Funk hailing from Vancouver. The DJ set was provided by local duo, The Sepulveda Brothers.

The brothers, made up of Ramiro and Leo Sepulveda, previously worked at “Market Under the Stars” with the Rawk Entertainment Group and felt it was a good fit to work Beer, Bacon, Bands because of the comfortability factor. The brothers have played at several local hangouts such as The Fat Badger, Lot Club and The Hookah Lounge but this was their first event at such a large-scale party. “We have played a lot of different venues and each one can be a fun diversity of people and energy,” said Ramiro Sepulveda.

Those who attended the event were treated to a wide array of musical choices, as the Sepulveda Brothers like to mix it up with styles ranging from Motown, funk and soul, to hip-hop and rhythm and blues. “We don’t usually plan set lists or have a certain type of music, said Ramiro.” “We both arrive at any show and read the crowd and let the environment and people inspire our sets.”

One of the cooler creations that patrons were able to cleanse their pallet with at Beer, Bacon, Bands was the Peanut Butter Bacon Banana Stout by Pile O’ Bones Brewing Company which infuses subtle hints of each flavour into the beer concoction. The drink is actually inspired by the late Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwich. The event was also home to a little friendly competition as the attendees are able to vote for their favourite bacon creation, favourite beer and wine, and favourite booth décor. Broncos’ Pub and Grill ended up taking home the grand prize of favourite bacon creation at this year’s event.

Beer, Bacon, Bands attracts more than 2500 people annually to the the two-night event and it is able to near sell out status every year; and with over 50 booths featuring over 150 products there was truly something for people with all different tastes to enjoy.

The event took place January 25th and January 26th from 7 to 11PM at the Conexus Arts Centre.

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