Fall/Winter issue of Degrees hot off the press

The University of Regina’s alumni magazine Degrees has just released their newest issue. Photo by Kayla Guerrette

By: Kayla Guerrette

Greg Campbell has been the editor of Degrees magazine since 2003 and, with the Fall/Winter issue available now online, feels fortunate to have been able to share the stories of people like Max Schmeiser. 

This issue is filled with engaging stories of interesting alumni and people associated with the University of Regina, including long-time Global News journalist Sean O’Shea who’s won awards for his investigative reporting on stories that matter to viewers. Schmeiser is also featured. He is the head of data science for Twitter. One of the world’s social media giants.

“It’s nice to be able to share the stories of such accomplished alumni,” said Campbell. 

“You know Twitter is obviously one of the largest social media platforms in the world and for one of our grads to be in such an important position it says a lot about the quality of education at the university and the quality of our alumni.”

The issue also introduces the 2020 Alumni Crowning Achievement Award recipients. They are considered to be some of the best and brightest of the university’s alumni.

This release is the 10th edition of Degrees. According to its website, the alumni magazine was created under the name “Third Degree” for its debut in 1989.

In 2006, the University of Regina rebranded the magazine. Those interested in learning more about the alumni of the university could find a print copy at different locations around campus.  In 2018, Degrees launched online. 

The printed version reaches about 40,000 people, primarily alumni located in Regina and southern Saskatchewan.

Campbell said none of it would be possible without the many amazing freelancers who contribute to every issue and he believes it’s a product that is vitally important.

“It’s the way you build alliances with your readers and build an affinity for the university by telling those stories,” said Campbell.

He said it could be considered an alumni magazine but at times they do share the stories of people associated with the university who aren’t necessarily alumni. It could the story of a student, a staff member or a superannuates. 

Only two issues of Degrees are released every year and Campbell feels honoured to be able to share the many stories that have been featured.

“They come from all walks of life and they represent all sorts of fields and generally all very accomplished,” said Campbell. 

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