The Regina Correctional Centre adds body scanner to security system to limit contraband in facility.

Marosia Donald – Admitting Supervisor at The Regina Correctional Centre gets scanned on the new Soter RS. Photo by Dawson Thompson.

REGINA – Smuggling drugs will be a difficult process for inmates as a new body scanning security system, the Soter RS, has been introduced at the Regina Correctional Centre.

“We’ve already been successful in reducing contraband,” said Julien Hulet, director of the Regina Correctional Centre.

“We began using the body scanner on October 9, 2019 and fast forward about 30 some days now and we’ve already had six hits.”

The new security system has prevented contraband such as marijuana, tobacco, and purple rock, a type of heroin from entering the correctional centre.

“People will be given the option to void themselves of the product before coming into the facility,” said Hulet. “We have an amnesty box, you can go in there to drop off the item and there will be no questions asked, we just do not want it in our building.

“Out of the six hits, three have been from the amnesty box, and three have been from the body scanner.”

In addition, The RCC has also brought in a “drug-loo”.

When the Soter RS shows a capsule inside the body cavity of an inmate, that individual will be put into a dry-cell where all water is turned off. The inmate will be held in the dry-cell until they have used the drug-loo. When someone disposes a capsule into the drug-loo, it cleanses it, and saves it.

The “drug-loo” helps RCC security remove contraband from the facility. Photo by Dawson Thompson.

The current plan for the Regina Correctional Centre is to only have inmates required to use the body scanners.

“Typically guards don’t smuggle contraband into the jail,” said Hulet.

When asked if guards are above suspicion, Hulet replied: “They are.”

Hulet is optimistic about the changes for inmates, and for staff as well.

“We’re excited about the new tool,” said Hulet. “It allows us to address the contraband issue that presents itself day in, and day out at the Regina Correctional Center, as well as the other facilities in the province.

Director of the Regina Correctional Centre, Julien Hulet poses with the Soter RS. Photo by Dawson Thompson.

“This is the only body scanner in operation in the province, but there is a plan to roll out two additional ones to the other facilities in the province as well.”

The correctional centre’s in Saskatoon and Prince Albert will be receiving scanners in spring of 2020.

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