University of Regina business students impacting the community

Business competition team Hill JDC West holds a strong place in the University and the city.
Photo by Olivia Lawrence

Hill JDC West at the University of Regina continues to do great work despite COVID-19. Hill JDC is a team of 56 selected business students and alumni at the University of Regina who compete at a university business competition every year called Jeux du Commerce West (JDC).

“Hill JDC and the competition improves communication abilities, presentation and pitching skills, and creates amazing connections,” said Andriy Tkach Co-Captain for Hill JDC 2021.  “It takes us out of classroom learning and gives us a different perspective.”

JDC selects 12 of the best Western Canadian business universities every year to compete in academic, athletic, debate, and social categories. Regina’s team has been selected to compete for the last fifteen years ever since the competition started. The team will attend JDC’s first ever virtual competition from Jan 14 to 17 in 2021.

“The team is so committed and has adapted very well through all the COVID-19 changes,” said Emma Ulmer Co-Captain for Hill JDC 2021.

Hill JDC not only won best business school in Western Canada last year, but they are particularly proud of placing first in the charity component—an emphasized aspect of the competition. The team’s No. 1 charity partner is Hope’s Home in Regina, a non-profit organization which provides childcare for children with complex medical needs.

“Hill JDC’s fundraising initiatives and volunteer hours takes so much pressure and strain off our employees who are busy directly taking care of children or creating children programs,”  said Kelsey Stewart Senior of Marketing and Fundraising for Hope’s Home in Regina. “Employees who work in non-profits already wear a lot of different hats as it is.

“Without JDC, we would likely have to pay for help which would take away from our fundraised dollars.”

Chillin’ for Charity is the team’s main fundraiser for Hope’s Home. The fundraiser is normally a dunk tank located on Scarth Street with Hill JDC members.

“This year the event could not happen so we did an online raffle with three prize baskets valued over $600,” said Ulmer. “Most of the items were donated by local businesses with all the proceeds going to Hope’s Home.”

The online raffle closed at midnight Nov 21. A live virtual draw announcing the winners was done on Hill JDC’s social media on Nov 22. Hill JDC has raised $245,000 to date for Hope’s Home.

This year Hill JDC has also worked with the YWCA, The Regina Food Bank, United Way, and Restore and Rebuild for Habitat Humanity. The team normally does volunteer gift wrapping in Regina malls for the entire month of December, but health regulations are not going to allow that this year.

“We do not have Christmas initiatives planned this year,” said Ulmer. “The team deserves a break. We have been working so hard and this year really has been stressful for everyone.”

In a year where many student groups across the nation have not been able to run, the university has went to bat for the team to keep the competition group alive.

“We are just really grateful to the University of Regina, the administration, and our faculty,” said Tkach. “They have supported us and worked really hard to allow Hill JDC to continue during these difficult times.”

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