Canadian Hemophilia A Patients Hoping for Access to New Therapy Treatment

Provincial health authorities are determining whether to approve funding for a life-changing, state-of-the-art therapy for people with severe hemophilia A. The alternative subcutaneous treatment is called Hemlibra. “Right now, Hemlibra is a better therapy, hands down,” said Wendy Quinn, president of Hemophilia Saskatchewan. “It is […]

Viral artist Tesher saves his YouTube channel after risk of being terminated

Canadian-Indian artist Tesher, who has 250,000 subscribers and over 49 million views on his YouTube channel, has successfully stopped the deletion of his account. “Everything happened really fast,” Tesher said Monday, after having his YouTube channel running again. “We were able to figure it out […]

Canadian Blood Services staves off blood shortage with nationwide appeal to donors

With regularly-scheduled blood drives at schools, shopping malls and corporate offices being cancelled in the interest of social distancing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, medical professionals are worried about the possibility of a nationwide blood shortage. Danna Henderson, a licensed practical nurse at All Nations […]

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