Raymore mayor the jack of all trades

The Town of Raymore is home to multiple small businesses but none like Koncz’s Services. Photo by Donovan Maess


On the corner of Highway 6 and 15 sits the small Saskatchewan town of Raymore. Like many small towns around the country, Raymore is identified by its senior hockey team and numerous family-run businesses. Most find work hard enough dealing with one restaurant or service, but one local man sees diversity as the key to a successful business.

On most days, Malcolm Koncz can be found at his day job at Nutrien Ag Services and on other days, you might catch at the town office behind his mayor’s dest. On top of the busy schedule that comes with a full-time job and serving as the mayor, Koncz can also be seen riding a lawnmower or cleaning carpets. Koncz’s Services has been built on over 20 years of providing as many services as possible to Raymore and its surrounding area.

“One man told me, ‘you can make money with diversified aspects or just focus on one aspect and try to make it the biggest one,” Koncz said.

Koncz’s business in Raymore has encompassed his youthful interests and has grown to be something the town can rely on. Starting as a 19-year-old cleaning carpets out of Quinton, Koncz moved to Raymore in 2000 to have a larger customer base and to start a family.

“At the time,” Koncz said, “I wasn’t evaluating my time for nothing – I wanted to get the equipment paid off and move on.”

From there, his business grew but Koncz always worked with a smaller budget to make ends meet a little easier. As a DJ, hot tub renter and limo driver, he would go to larger companies in Regina to gain contracts for events instead of traditional advertising.

“Once word gets out there,” said Koncz, “you just go with it and you don’t really have to advertise. Over the 20-something years I have been in business, my advertising has been very minimal. Word of mouth is your best advertising – referrals gets you a lot farther than the big billboards.”

Knowing when to delegate projects and how to manage his time has become something of an art form for Koncz. He gets help from his 13-year-old son, Kalan, on the occasional project.

Kalan enjoys “cutting grass and helping with landscaping,” but he would rather not help his dad with carpet cleaning or rooting sewer lines.

“If we have issues that need to be dealt with [in Raymore],” said Koncz, “we have some excellent contractors that can do whatever needs for water or sewage or what have you. It’s about micromanaging and networking while finding the time to get my own work done and being upfront with [customers].”

Koncz added that he got into the world of various specialty services because most small towns do not have those services readily available within town limits. His business allows for the people he knows best to save a little money without reaching out to companies in Regina.

Any service the area needs – DJing, landscaping, house services, safety equipment rental or evening running the town – Raymore can be sure to find Malcolm Koncz at the helm of community service.

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