Where’s Waldo, Twitter and meme lords: How the Regina Public Library is staying current

RPL Marking and Communications Consutant Margherita Vittorelli and Devin Pacholik, “meme lord,” are two of the faces behind the library’s engaging social media platforms. “It’s not just about being funny,” says Pacholik on Nov. 18, 2019. Photo by Libby Giesbrecht.

REGINA – If Devin Pacholik can convince you of one thing, it will be that you love the library as much as he does.

“I legitimately love the library,” said Pacholik. “I come in [to work] singing.”

The newest addition to the Regina Public Library’s (RPL) marketing and communications team, Pacholik is one of the people behind RPL’s social media. Tweets by the self-described “meme lord” on RPL’s Twitter account have gained recent attention for their “dorky” takes on library life.

Pacholik, who has worked as a journalist and a comedian, has always loved the library.

“I like that it’s there for people who need it,” said Pacholik.

“It’s just a place where you can let your imagination run wild.”

Pacholik remembers being enchanted by the library as a kid, surrounded by books he was “way too young to be reading.

“I just heard these author’s names like Margaret Atwood and Stephen Hawking and I was like, ‘I’m supposed to read these things. They’re important.’ And I wouldn’t understand them but I would stay in the library for six hours straight just reading these books.”

RPL has seen significant growth on social media over the past few years. The RPL’s Twitter account, (@OfficialRPL) now boasts more than 3,500 followers.

“You might think we’re all glasses-wearing, daydreaming nerds, obsessed with fantasies and magic. However, several of us do not wear glasses,” reads one @OfficialRPL tweet.

Another imagines Where’s Waldo as an audio book: “Negative. That’s a beach ball. Oh, there he is.”

Pacholik poses with a Where’s Waldo book, the subject of some of his tweets, on Nov. 18, 2019. “You have to listen to people and the conversations that are out there and be human and relatable,” the marking and communications administrator, who says many of his ideas for tweets come while he’s on the bus. Photo by Libby Giesbrecht.

RPL marketing and communications consultant Margherita Vittorelli said RPL aims to connect with its followers across social media platforms on a personal level. Since embracing a relatable and quirky tone, the library’s Twitter has seen engagements increase by 700 per cent.

A winsome social media presence is only one way the library is staying current.

From individual tutoring programs to streaming services and a digital media studio, the library is truly a place where everyone can find something they love.

Vittorelli shares Pacholik’s excitement for RPL’s impact in Regina.

“I think as long as society is going to have a need for information and freedom and opportunities to give equal access no matter your background … libraries will have a role to play,” said Vittorelli.

While RPL is constantly expanding its services and programs, it is not because it faces any danger of extinction. According to Pacholik and Vittorelli, few mornings go by where staff is not greeted by a long line of visitors waiting to use the library.

“There’s a huge population throughout the whole city … who need the library,” said Pacholik. “It’s so not dead.”

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