Honesty is the best policy

Many voters in the Regina-Lewvan area this year say they are voting for honesty. Photo by: Kaitlyn Schropp

After a nasty campaign where leaders were arguing and outright lying, many voters in Saskatchewan are looking for one thing – honesty.

At Dr. A. E.  Perry Elementary School polling station in Regina, a steady stream of people came and went throughout the morning. When asked after she voted what value was most important to her this election, Sharlene Kujat said “honesty.”

“Because (the politicians) have power in their hands to rule our country and I think if they’re not honest they won’t be doing the best job,” said Kujat, whose husband Ron was also voting.

Ron agreed and said honesty is very important to him.

“I’m from the Weyburn district,” said Ron. “When I grew up politicians were extremely well respected and were pillars of the community. And whenever you ran into a politician I don’t want to say you looked up to them, but you respected them.

“Politicians today are out for one thing, and one thing only: to get your vote. And they will say whatever you want them to say to get that vote … They promise you one thing but as soon as they’re in power what they say and what they do are two different things. And that isn’t just for one party that’s right across the board.”

Earlier in the campaign Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted to using brownface after a photo was released of him from a yearbook of West Point Grey Academy when he was a teacher in 2001. Instead of being honest and admitting to using brownface on his own, it was initially reported without a comment from Trudeau. He did apologize eventually, but many news reports showed many Canadians felt that they could not trust Trudeau afterwards.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was accused of embellishing his resume by claiming to have once worked as an insurance broker. Scheer was also questioned for hiding the fact that he holds an American passport. Like Trudeau, Scheer was slow to acknowledge it and faced similar backlash as Trudeau.

“I want you to back what you say,” said Twyla Froh, Regina-Lewvan voter.

“I want you to walk your walk and talk your talk I mean if you’re going to tell me you’re going to do something for me I want that done. That’s why I give you my vote.”


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